Krafting in Kraft growing in unity blog hop

Hello and welcome to my blog i am featuring this card I made for the growing in unity blog hop using joy to go please follow along and comment at each blog







Day 1 of unity blog hop

Welcome everyone to day one of my series of being featured artist for unity stamp co.For today’s featured card I used the bicycle from unity stamp co stamp set for the guys then the other stamp I used the writing from the stamp set called hug by jolande.then I distressed with  Tim holtz vintage photo distress ink the panel that has F1FE85C5-0E64-4FF6-90D4-88D294669D54the hug stamp.i then added the vintage writing washi tape to the front of the card  and adhered the gear from Tim holtz with super glue on top of the card. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for day 2 of my featured card series with unity and make sure to leave some comments and follow along with me

Distressing ink technique with baby wipes

are you looking into unique but cheap way to do distressing techniques well I got one for you instead of only taking water and spritzing the paper you can take baby wipes are you asking your wouldn’t that destroy the paper well nope it don’t but to do it you squeeze the baby wipes until you get the right amount of surface area you are working on and then you take that same baby wipe and dab all the puddles of water so it don’t sit there and ruin that areas. Thanks for reading stay tuned for my next blog post

The joys of paper piecing

Sorry for not being more active on here while I was off I found a technique that is not only for just quilts it is for paper crafting the technique is paper piecing below is my result of trying it although not all is pieced out the skirt is I love trying it although I had some issues where I couldn’t piece out everything  it was fun I encourage all you to try it I stamped out the image on the patterned paper and cut out what I wanted to use for each tag card I made and I colored in the rest of it hope you enjoyed by for now299B615E-C923-4E4C-A7BA-0B78B2F0DC7D

To or not distress

Do you like the distressed look just as much as I do well you are in luck I recently started doing that technique and let’s be honest it is addicting weather you do the watered down distressed look with spritzing water or you enjoy the raw natural distressed look it is awesome but for my suggestions make sure you have things ready to wash your hands after you are done because let’s be honest it is fun but messy I recently saw videos where you can stamp and emboss on the image and also distress it after. Not only can you distress with ink but they have markers and crayons oh my I can’t wait for anything in the future they find that helps you achieve that awesome distressed look thanks for reading this stay tuned you never know what or when my next topic is.

Random tools that are handy for crafts

are you on a limited budget well little did you know the items in the junk drawer can make great tools for the project recently I found that out when I needed a tool to help me with a large stamp well little did I know that acrylic roller that was bad and I needed to replace it well I found out that there was still life in it after all so never doubt that junk drawer items because you might find that little item that might make  you feel you hit the jackpot. Thanks for following.

Reconditioning hard clay after it has sat for awhile

Have you ever had issues where you let clay sit around too long out for it to dry or bought some in the store and it was that way and wondered what can I do with it well for one DONT THROW IT AWAY there is still hope for resurrection of it. In this I will teach you what you can do to have the clay back to brand new.

1. You can drop a couple of drops of translucent liquid clay per ounce of clay and knead it in.

2. Warm it in your hands or under your arms until it is soft.

3. Put it in a bag and submerge the clay in warm water for 10 minutes or until it is til your liking for softness.

4. Take a mallet or hammer and break it up and then do one of the above techniques to make the clay soft but be careful when doing it so you don’t get hurt.

Thanks for following

Polymer clay Caning 101

If you are looking to make your first cane you are going to need to have lots and lots of clay no matter what your design is so you must invest in clay that will be readily available need be .there is many brands of clay that is perfect for caning here are just some premo kato and fimo are great caning for jewelry making. When you make canes you must let it rest in between each time you add so much detail. Next is when you are done building the desired cane you in vision you will have to reduce which means when you take the clay roller and roll each side until you get the size you want but you will need to let it rest in between times or you will ruin it next is slicing which is just as time consuming as reducing you take your clay blade and slice each piece evenly sliced so you get the max of items you will want for your money after that you will be able to bake and make the jewelry you wanted use it for. Thanks for following I will be cooking up my next blog post soon …… stay tuned

Neverknead or kneading polymer clay

I know working with clay can be tough to do but now there is a new tool in town to help you.when you have a big block you need to condition or mix colors although mixing clay maybe be easier sometimes but hey let’s be honest when you need a big amount of clay to work with let’s be honest working it with your hand is not only time consuming but tough on you that’s when you need the neverknead to help you because it allows more clay at a time and it can be more accurate while using. Thanks for following me. I will be following up with another post soon bye for now.